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If you love the idea of performing for mega FUN & PROFIT (both!), please read this through to understand why in this very special opportunity your character and persona is far more important than any perceived deficit in musical or performance skills . . .. THAT we can quickly and expertly teach, but "improving" your character not really!

Since anyone with a functioning brain can tell that the world as a whole is going down in almost every way except for better CGI, we have decided to do something effective using our experience in the large scale Music Biz. That is because in order to reach the masses today on a personal level there are only two main ways: to be a major movie star or as a popular band. But an actor normally has minuscule input into a major film production, whereas a popular band has some choice and leeway if it is a proven likely big money-earner. And when it comes to truly effective mass-media, it is real-world proven money-making potential which garners the necessary mega investment and support to reach mega-millions of fans with live performance.

So we are creating a new broadly popular incarnation of this group (earlier signed with major international label) in which all the band members, and not the music per se, are "the message" as living and breathing real-life examples of how it is possible for anyone to change their today-nonfunctional genetic and societal programming ("Karma") which did work once when our common ancestors were sleeping in trees in Kenya and following ruthlessly aggressive leaders in a desperate fight for survival.

With our very existence now at stake it is necessary to adapt to the changed situation in which WE are now only temporarily surviving in a "sinking boat" caused by following these miserable old ways. The only sensible way out is for most people to find out they actually have brains to use to enable each to lead themselves and "pull their own strings" by making themselves happy and full of love for their existence without needing to be consumer-addicts or status-slaves and yet still remain responsible individuals, "love & happiness without strings" yet socially conscious and aware of their place and participation in the world at large. Given that the world is now controlled by huge corporations and stockholders, whether they are aware of it or not, Coca Cola, for example, will lose most of its profits when the world goes down the toilet most of us made, consciously or not. So let's all help Coca Cola stay in business by keeping the boat afloat! (a smiling metaphor).

We need two uncommon (and UNSIGNED) young women who like the idea & concept and can accept and deal with eventual large-scale mass-popularity (earlier group scheduled to have our own weekly national USA TV show, etc.) WITHOUT letting it go to their heads, and stay on top of and not be controlled by their mass-mkt image (i.e., down-to-earth, real & natural with head screwed on straight like George Clooney .... exact opposite of Baby GaGa, who regardless of her talent, reputedly used money she raised for Somalia to buy herself an expensive bracelet, while Clooney used the money he raised to buy satellite time and stop fighting in Somalia).

To be clear: NO public teaching or preaching of any of this, just display your continued effort to maintain your good HAPPY character (sarcasm OK) and strong work-ethic as a centered but not self-centered individual living in Enlightened, aware and expanded REALITY! (the same reality as the other sentient beings on this planet that most humans disrespectfully refer to as "animals" who will likely continue to outlive us if we don't shape up and change our internally and externally destructive ways).

And all this in the context of a uniquely wonderful band going in the ways of the Beatles and ABBA with great new original music!

Besides our connections, extensive professional experience and existing package of chart-topping material & arrangements (open to any you might offer) we offer EXPERT top-level teaching of any and all necessary skill-sets needed, as well as forthcoming full-time work and FUN across EU and beyond.

B.t.w., Love/Happiness is a self-created feeling which needs no excuse, cannot be sought, caught or bought and which is very nice to appropriately share

. . .. despite Coca Cola's commercially deceptive use of the Santa Claus myth, eh?
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